In year 2003, Teach It Forward sponsored the Feeding Program for
Children in Bagong Silang Elementary School.
In year 2004, Teach It Forward conducted FREE crafts seminars for
the underprivileged
women of Rizal Angono.
Give a man a
fish, and he
eats for a day.

Teach a man
to fish, and he
eats for a
Since 2004, Teach It Forward has conducted FREE crafts and
livelihood seminars to underprivileged women and children.  
These charity events gives them hope and practical skills to
improve their way of life.
Livelihood Product
Yin & Yang
now available
Community Project
Women of
Feeding Program
Bagong Silang
We would like to continue helping these groups, as well as reaching
out to more people in need.  

In line with this, we urge you to help by donating any amount to the
Teach It Forward Charity Fund.

Let us help our fellow Filipinos through better education and
practical learning opportunities.  THANK YOU.
In year 2005, with the help of kind benefactors, Teach It Forward went
back to provide a more in-depth business & livelihood program for
women of Rizal Angono.
In year 2006, with the help of kind benefactors, Teach It Forward
added the
San Lorenzo Ruiz Parish Community to its list of
beneficiaries by providing Beads Craft Livelihood Program.
Feeding Program
Parish Livelihood
San Lorenzo Ruiz
Teach-It-Forward, Inc. (TIF) is the charity arm of Business Maker
Academy, Inc. (BMA).  Established in 2004, we have been providing
business and livelihood seminars, feeding programs and consultancy
services for select beneficiaries and institutions in the Philippines.
About Our Organization
Our Mission
Teach-It-Forward’s mission is to help underprivileged communities by
providing business and livelihood training and assist them for
sustainable livelihood.
Our upcoming projects include:

Dignity Mobility
We are launching a project to provide mobility aids for underprivileged
PWDs and seniors to help them stand up and become productive.  The
mobility aids (ie. crutches, canes, wheelchairs) will be made by
Tahanang Walang Hagdanan’s PWD workers and given to select
We are building a marketplace for non-profit organizations to sell their
products online, to gain more customers and exposure in the internet.  
Our experience in business and livelihood training has exposed us to
the real need of our beneficiaries---to market & sell the products that
they have learned to make.
Call for action: