As part of the company’s commitment to give to charity,
Businessmaker Academy has sponsored the Bagong Silang
Elementary School Feeding Program.

The Feeding Program has been designed to regularly provide basic
healthy food to over 150 school children who have been diagnosed
as moderate to severely malnourished by Dr. Clarinda “Kaye”
Paranete, Health & Nutrition Director of Bagong Silang.  From over
1009 pupils from Grades 1 to 6, these children have been detected
to be alarmingly underweight and are noticeably undersized for their

Ms. Clarita E. Alejandro, Bagong Silang Elementary School Principal
says, “We try our best to give these children a good education so
they could have better opportunities in life, however, these children
experience difficulties in learning simply because their stomachs are
empty.”  Instances wherein children break out in tears due to hunger
during class hours are a normal occurrence in this school.  

“The aim of this program is to help our school children focus more on
their lessons.  When their basic need for food is met, learning
becomes more effective,” adds Dr. Kaye.    

Located between Sucat and Cupang, the Bagong Silang Elementary
School was founded by civic-spirited people in 1987.  Originally an
Outreach School of Benedictine Abbey with one makeshift classroom,
it gradually increased and became a public school in 1991 to cater to
the depressed and deprived urban poor.

Although the school is city-sponsored, the need for further funding is
apparent.  The school services an estimated 1009 pupils with
approximately 50 children for every teacher in makeshift classrooms.  
Funding to construct more classrooms is vital.  Aside from
contributions for the feeding program, additional donations for school
supplies are also much needed.

Businessmaker Academy, a progressive business and livelihood
training center, urges other similar-minded socially responsible
companies to join them in supporting the Bagong Silang Elementary
School Feeding Program.  

Ms. Cindy Meghrajani, VP-Sales & Marketing for Corporate Affairs of
Businessmaker Academy shares, “It was indeed heart-warming to
visit the school children of Bagong Silang.  The experience allowed
our employees to break away from our stressful corporate lives and
get in touch with real people---children who are delightfully well-
behaved with a noticeable light of hope in their eyes.”
Feeding Program for Malnourished Children in Bagong Silang Elementary School.
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