Course Highlights:
1.   Office Files & Records Assessment
2.   Barriers & Benefits of Effective Office Files & Records Management
3.   Elements of Effective Records Management Program
4.   Preparing & Implementing Policies & Procedures
5.   Records Inventory & Classification
6.   Retention Scheduling
7.   Records Storage & Conversion
8.   Vital Records Program
9.   Disaster Prevention & Recovery Planning
10. Disposition
11. The Five S Method
12. The S.P.A.C.E. Technique
13. Best Practices in Managing Physical Files
14. Best Practices in Managing Computer Files
15. Practical Solutions to Common Problems
“How to Create an Effective System of Information
Storage & Retrieval”
Course Description:
Electronic and paper documents can easily get cluttered and pile up in the course of our
busy work lives.  Managing office files and records can get challenging if you do not
have a system in place.  This seminar helps you effectively organize and manage office
files, records and work space to improve your work environment. It provides creative
solutions for managing office chaos, with space and time-saving techniques that you
can immediately apply.
What You Will Learn:
  • To improve our organizational skills for  greater efficiency and productivity
  • To explore different techniques & tools for office files & records management
  • To keep our records safe, updated and accessible when needed
  • To create a clutter-and-stress-free workplace
Who Should Attend:
Office Managers, Office Administrators, Department Officers, Executive Assistants,
Records & Files Officers, Accounting Officers, Data Management Officers or any person
who wants to enhance their organizational skills in relation to records management.   
Professional Office Administration Series Day 5
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Customer Review:
"The seminar is great! The topic is discussed effectively. No boring moments. Kudos to you."        
-ML Jose, Treston International College

"I find it great now that I know that filing records is not just simply about keeping things. It is very
important for the company and myself to keep an organized filing system."
-A. Banaban, 2Success Inc.
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